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T-Shirt Printing with Multiple Colours


When we're talking about t-shirt printing, one is always worried about being charged ridiculous prices when using the silk-screen printing method in small quantities yet having multiple print colours. Yes, of course t-shirt printing prices do vary according to the quantity and the number of colours; But please do not compromise on design and the overall look of your print just for the dollars and cents. We want you to have your very own design, unedited, unchanged, printed on a t-shirt as much as possible.


If you are worried that the printing charges will be out of your budget, please talk to one of our friendly sales staff first and we will advise you as accordingly. After all, as our t-shirt printing prices are so low, your printed design may just fit your budget nicely. If the t-shirt printing prices are not within your budget, our sales staff will advise and recommend you various methods that you can actually lower the overall printing price, many of these without tweaking the designs. For example, going for round neck t-shirts instead of polo t-shirts when there is no need to reduce the overall printing price drastically.

Experienced T-Shirt Printers


Ever been told that Digital Transfer T-Shirt Printing is terrible, not good for durability, bad for color print vibrancy? Fa.real Custom Tees begs to differ. Being highly experienced t-shirt printers in this market, we know the ins and outs to t-shirt printing. With the increasing demand of full coloured t-shirt printing, Digital Transfer Printing has actually become one of the most fanciful way of printing your t-shirts. Our customers are no longer bounded by the high set up costs with Silk-screen Printing, not bounded by color restrictions, and more.

However, it is not the perfect t-shirt printing method. It has it's disadvantages when it comes to bulk, high quantity, t-shirt printing orders. As Digital Transfer Printing is not exactly quantity-sensitive, t-shirt printing costs does not go much lower when we are printing in bulk, as compared to Silk-screen Printing.

To know about our different methods of t-shirt printing, please check out our T-Shirt Printing Services page now.

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